Youth Soccer

The Romans used to play a game named ‘Harpastum’. Today, we call the game ‘Soccer’ and more than 7 million children participate in playing it in the United States of America.

The Webb City Parks & Recreation you
th soccer program is managed by the Recreation Department. This quality soccer program is open to the youth of Webb City and surrounding communities. The program offers basic instruction and recreational matches for both girls and boys between the ages of three and thirteen. The Webb City Park & Recreation Department offers both a spring and fall schedule. 

Current updated information for the Webb City Parks a
nd Recreation soccer program can be found on our Facebook Page

For updated game schedules please visit the calendar tab. 

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2021 K.pdf
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2021 u13.pdf

Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 

Youth Sports Currently Registering

There are no youth registrations taking place at this time.